Joseph’ Story to Inspire Anyone with Difficult Stuation

 “A Compass of Faith: A Man’s Journey to America” is a unique book by Joseph Mbungu Nsiesi who is a Christian and Democratic advocate. Joseph fled his native country, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and landed to America after a long journey that last about a year. During his journey, Mr. Nsiesi suffered through near-death confrontations, illness, and hardship as he travailed through the Congo River. He was also robbed, cheated, faced discrimination by French government, and lived in extreme poverty. Now, Mr. Nsiesi is not only testifying the power of God; but he is also trying to inspire people who are facing any kind of difficult situation because stress without Faith can lead to negative result; such as chronic disease, crimes, and more. Therefore, Joseph is strongly recommending this unique book to everyone. Thank you for purchasing at least one.

May God Bless.

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